Cloistered Lives in a Technological World

A critically important book was published last week, one that should shake up our mindsets and prompt us to think about how the use of technology by major corporations is shaping how we understand our place in the world. Eli … Continue reading

Material Culture

In the midst of the e-book craze, we’re learning how important printed materials are to us. From convenience and sharing to the lasting value and presence in our homes, printed books will endure. Continue reading

What It Takes for a Bookstore to Remain Relevant

Every other day, it seems that we’ll hear a prediction of the demise of brick-and-mortar bookstores and public libraries. For the most part, these doomsday voices believe that digital content is a perfectly acceptable alternative to print media. Some are … Continue reading

Material Culture

Reading options are many, yet a home library filled with books we’ve read and loved remind us of who we are and what we value. Continue reading