Bookstore Wanted: Northern California, Dunsmuir

Lovely alpine village in natural setting seeks bookstore entrepreneur and other small businesses. Dunsmuir has a historic downtown with buildings in architectural styles preserved from the 1920s through the 1940s and is nestled in the Sacramento River canyon. Continue reading

Bookstore for Sale: Mountain Home, Arkansas

Beautiful, well organized bookstore located in the Twin Lakes region of the Ozarks, rated as one of the top retirement havens in the US. Reader’s Choice Books has been in operation for three years and the 1200 SF store is netting over $28,000 and growing. Owner is retiring and moving. Continue reading

Blue About Borders

Borders decline is a sad unfolding, not necessarily about the growth of ebook sales. It was a company that lost its soul when it went from an indie bookstore to a publicly traded ‘entity’. Continue reading

Small is Smart

Today’s news about Borders continues to accentuate the company’s difficulties in meeting its financial obligations to vendors ad landlords. The big box bookstore is proving difficult to sustain and the unfortunate result of the company closing more stores is that … Continue reading

Ebook Fascination

Hamlet likely wasn’t the first to ponder matters of life and death, but the question he poses in his famous soliloquy, “To be or not to be,” remains as relevant today as ever before – especially for independent booksellers. Of … Continue reading

Enduring Value

Getting out of the country even for a short while is a guaranteed way to be able to clear the mind and gain a broader perspective. It’s refreshing to see villages and cities with landscapes that are not filled with … Continue reading

Let’s Get Physical

Last week we hosted prospective booksellers from across the United States and as far away as the Kingdom of Bahrain to discuss retailing in general, bookselling in particular, and the needs, desires and expectations of today’s reader. Together, we contemplated … Continue reading

Where There is a Will, There’s a Way

Whether we’re reading a classic novel or a new children’s picture book, it’s touching to see the little guy win. We root for the underdog with a valiant cause, valuing a noble struggle against all odds. Yet the whole concept … Continue reading

Indie Resiliency

It’s been a tough week for corporate bookstores. Indie bookstore owners watch, listen, plan, and adjust. It’s easier when you’re navigating a smaller boat. Continue reading