Beloved Bookstore Destinations

Some bookstores are well worth the drive. We were having lunch with friends who were telling us about their summer travel plans when I discovered we have a habit … we can’t help but associate a city with one (or … Continue reading

What Bookstores Can Learn from Macy’s

While in New York City for BookExpo America, we used a window of time before the convention began to slip into the flagship Macy’s store on 34th Street. There was a cover story on “Macy’s magic” in the Delta Sky … Continue reading

Why We Love Bookstores

After spending three very full days with Jeff Kinney’s crew to prepare for the opening of An Unlikely Story, a bookstore cafe in Jeff’s hometown of Plainville, Mass., we toured the store together to admire the work that had been … Continue reading

Easy Bookstore Market Analysis Tool

I am fascinated with the Every Door Direct tool developed by the U.S. Postal Service. Designed for use by small businesses for planning door-to-door marketing, it turns out this is quite a valuable resource for prospective business owners. Here’s how … Continue reading

National Independent Bookstore Day

How is it that independent bookstores have not disappeared even though plenty of people predicted they would fall by the wayside like the record stores? A Harvard Business School professor joined us during our one-day workshop at this year’s Winter … Continue reading

Bookstore of the Year 2015

Each year, Publishers Weekly sponsors two book industry awards, the Bookstore of the Year and the Sales Rep of the Year. We have had the honor of facilitating these awards for over twenty years. Each year when I review the … Continue reading