Celebrating the Best in Bookselling

For the last twenty-two years, there are two days in the year that are my absolute favorite: the day all of the nominations for Publishers Weekly’s Bookstore and Rep of the Awards are in and the day I get to call the winners.

Green Apple Books Wins Publishers Weekly's Bookstore of the Year Award
This year, we celebrate Green Apple Books in San Francisco as Bookstore of the Year. Fun, spirited, and organic, they are the model of the ‘un-corporate’ business, which has set them apart from the corporate stores and given them a following of raving fans (which you can see on yelp.com). Their marketing and merchandising is organic, their buying fueled by enthusiasm for great writing as well as indie presses, their whole business driven by passion and love. They are the mastermind of California Bookstore Day launching this year and have served on so many committees in the book industry and within their community. Bravo to co-owners Kevin Hunsanger, Kevin Ryan, and Pete Mulvihill!

Sales reps quietly go about their business throughout the year, driving from city to city introducing new authors and helping bookstores create selections that connect with their communities. This year, Publishers Weekly salutes Teresa Rolfe Kravtin from Southern Territory Associates as Rep of the Year. Teresa, says show owes her philosophy as a sales rep to her inner musician: forming relationships, connecting with an audience. She does this beautifully with authors, publishers, and booksellers to make sure each of their voices are heard.

If you’re thinking of opening a bookstore and wondering what a career owning a bookstore would be like, all of the nominees and winners this year are models of taking an interest and creating a new career... based on respect for the written word and making the connections that make life richer, better.

We congratulate this year’s nominees and recipients. They remind us all that we are "cultural entrepreneurs" fortunate to have meaningful, rewarding work.