Etsy and the DIY Revolution: Bookstores Spotlight Local Creativity

I love and all of the beautifully creative souls who collectively show all of us just how alive the arts and crafts movement is everywhere. From bird houses made from recycled books to book sculpting, I’m amazed what I find when I visit the site to browse all things bookish.

book art from

book art from

Perhaps it beganwith the Slow Food Movement or even earlier with the Buy American slogans, but it’s clear that from coast to coast, we are celebrating everything local. American Express helped add to the momentum with the “Shop Small” Saturday campaign to boost the awareness of how buying local helps the local economy. Now, from spotlighting local authors to featuring greeting cards and beautiful hand-made items by local artists, bookstores are creating a unique selection by supporting local writers and artisans.

What people love about shopping at independent bookstores is that the experience is always rewarding. That serendipitous discovery keeps us coming back because we discover little known authors who get raving reviews from staff members and we find stories behind the people who create things with their own hearts and hands.

We are all kindred spirits, looking for a break from the mass produced goods in corporate stores to find stores that offer items that are authentic, interesting, and beautiful in some way. The richness can be discovered with the creative neighbors living in our own communities.