Bestselling author Ann Patchett on The Colbert Report

Bestselling author Ann Patchett promotes indie bookselling on The Colbert Report

Her talents reach far and wide, yet Ann Patchett has chosen to use her talents, media attention, and energy to speak up for the value of indie bookstores. As a special guest on Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report on Comedy Central, the bestselling author volleyed back and forth with Colbert and was able to get in the final word.

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We’ve just gone through a time when few people speak up for the value of quiet time untethered by technology. In this way, it’s remarkable — and refreshing — to have someone speak to the value of face-to-face conversations, remark on the importance of sharing ideas, and uphold the benefits of having a bookstore as a special place in our community.

Bravo, Ann Patchett, and thank you for using your pulpit to question, challenge, and articulate what matters to us as individuals and as a society.