Am I crazy to be thinking about opening a bookstore when all I hear about is how many are closing?

If only the media would report success stories like they do tragedies! While some predict the demise of the printed book, others say there will be a backlash and libraries, bookstores and printed books will enjoy renewed interest. We've said it many times, a bookstore needs to be more than a place to buy books if it is to survive. Look at the successful booksellers and you'll see deep emotional bonds within a community. People love spending time in a comfortable place surrounded by ideas. They love talking books with others who read. Who doesn't like to have a place to go to buy gifts ... and get them wrapped for you? It feels good to do business with a local shopkeeper who supports education and the arts. As a book retailer, we can combine books and non-book gift items with a noteworthy experience to keep people coming back to do business with their neighbors, helping build the local economy. The world is a better place when we have more bookstores, passionate booksellers, and confident retailers.