Managing Today’s Bookstore

Congratulations, You're a Bookstore Manager!

Photo writing note When you are now the one in charge, you need a thorough understanding of the job and the many hats you have to wear to lead a sustainable bookstore business. New to retail management? New to owning a retail business? Just promoted and want to learn best practices? Never really received training for the job? If so, this online training program is for you. This 12-session self-study program you can do at your convenience contains training videos, links, hand-outs, spreadsheets and exercises. Upon completion, you will:
  • Understand bookstore operations and best practices from buying and receiving to inventory management and vendor returns
  • Learn bookstore metrics and how to interpret financial reports to measure productivity and profitability
  • Be able to hire, train, schedule, and lead staff to create a positive and productive work culture
  • Receive an overview of how to grow the business through marketing and merchandising
  • Get tools to help prioritize work and give attention to the most critical aspects of the job
  • Receive customizable files for essential documents
Training sessions are organized in modules to step you through your new role, giving you templates to customize and use, spreadsheets created just for bookstore management, ready-to-go forms for bookstore operations and more. Overview - Job profiles for the Manager's job as well as all positions within a general bookstore People - Sessions include leading your staff, scheduling, payroll, new staff training, staff development, and staff meetings Place - You'll understand planograms as a retail management tool for improving sell-through and how to merchandise focal point displays, windows, sections, and the cash wrap Promotion - Marketing budgets are slim, so we'll look at the primary target markets, how to reach them, and how to get people to shop with you Profitability - You absolutely need to understand the metrics used in retail bookselling, how to manage cash flow, and have a master spreadsheet with detailed instructions so you can stay on top of your store's performance and set new goals Prioritizing - There's way too much to do and you want the most important management tasks to get the attention they deserve, so here you'll receive a master list of management tasks and a planning tool to help you set priorities each week CLICK HERE to view all the topics covered.   Certificate of Achievement If you'd like to receive a Certificate of Achievement for your business plan  or your resume, submit your completed exercises to us and with successful fulfillment, we'll send you a certificate that shows you've obtained training in bookstore management.

Build your skills and confidence in bookstore management

buy-nowTuition: $595 USD for 12- month access; $99 annual renewal fee for continued access.


buy-nowTuition for ABA members: $495 USD for 12- month access; $99 annual renewal fee for continued access.