Bookstores as Outliers as General Retail Suffers

First is was just the business news, now, the general media is covering the struggles of the retail sector. Retailers are struggling. Stories of corporate restructuring and store closings and the impact on employment figures have, for good reason, caused … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About the Spiral “Up”

Whether I’m reading the news from the National Retail Federation or listening to the nightly business news, it seems so many retailers are struggling. Blame the internet, overhead, or too much space, but retail is challenged. Yet the news coverage … Continue reading

Marketing in a digital world

You, too might be getting these calls … they begin with a woman who, for the first few seconds, seems real, even likable. She has a little giggle and wants to know if you’re on the line. She sounds like … Continue reading

Backlash to Publishing Decisions

This week’s headlines in the book business is Simon & Schuster’s cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulos book. Some cheer, others uphold the First Amendment. It’s messy. While our First Amendment protects free speech, publishers are faced with way more submissions than … Continue reading

Let Them See Us Reading

While the headline is positive, dig into the details and you’ll see the nuances. While many of us are reading (even reading more as we age), there are a significant number of people who are not reading books at all. … Continue reading