Physical Inventory – The Count that Counts

Retail security experts have long said there are three sources why inventory disappears … external theft, internal theft, and errors. Physical inventories not only help a retailer confirm what’s on hand and in what quantities, it also helps get a … Continue reading

Launching a Bookstore – Following a Dream

Bookselling is a unique profession in so many ways, but one that truly stands out is just how many people dream of having their own bookstore. We’re talking people spending years visualizing their bookstore, identifying books they’ll sell, and dreaming … Continue reading

Launching a Bookstore – Surprises

When you’re planning a business, your thoughts are filled with dreams and ideas. It’s fun to think about what you’ll carry, who will shop at the store, and what people will want to buy. These become the foundations of the … Continue reading

Launching a Bookstore – Bookselling and IT

We’re not thinking about ebooks here (ebook sales have plateaued and have been on decline for many months), but information technology as it powers bookstore operations. Our dining room is transformed into our central area for setting up and learning … Continue reading

Launching a Bookstore – The Pop-up Shop

With Small Business Saturday the perfect opportunity to remind people of your start-up and the importance of small business to the local economy, why not do a pop-up shop? Start-ups do pop-ups for a variety of reasons, mostly for visibility … Continue reading