Bookstore of the Year 2015

Each year, Publishers Weekly sponsors two book industry awards, the Bookstore of the Year and the Sales Rep of the Year. We have had the honor of facilitating these awards for over twenty years. Each year when I review the … Continue reading

Before You Buy a Bookstore

There’s nothing like a bookstore going up for sale to stir emotions. In today’s world of retail, many become worried that the store will close and the community won’t have this important anchor. Some will jump to conclusions that ebooks … Continue reading

Defending the Freedom of Speech in a Bookstore

This week the world has been shaken by the murder of staff members of the Paris-based satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Yes, the political and social commentary is edgy, even rude and often distasteful to many. Yet, this criminal act presses … Continue reading

Add Joy

The indie film “Clerks”, which was released in 1994 and featured two convenience store clerks who annoyed customers and played hockey on the store roof, did little to add to the interest in working retail. Yet in the real world, … Continue reading

Bookselling When the World Turns Upside-Down

When terrible things happen, people seek answers and search for what can bring them comfort. In our country’s recent history, we’ve felt the shock of 9/11, the horror of Hurricane Katrina, and now, the discomfort and discontent of many social … Continue reading

The Best of Book “Selling”

Most of us in the world of book selling don’t think of us as salespeople and that’s a good thing. While owners and managers are clear that the store doesn’t stay in business unless there are sales, inspiring a purchase … Continue reading

A Beautiful Era of Indie & Etsy

There have been so many positive articles about indie bookstores this week … The Huffing Post on “Indie Bookstores Are Making A Comeback”, The Cultureist with the “10 Best Neighborhood Bookstores in New York City”, starting with Sunday’s New York … Continue reading