Teens prefer bricks-and-mortar

I do love studies and when it comes to trends and young people, it’s fascinating to see how they like to shop, how they view themselves, and how that relates to the retail business. So when I saw the link … Continue reading

Bookselling as an Art & Science

Today’s op-ed piece by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, “Don’t Dismiss the Humanities” is a reminder that we need diversity in our lives … from decisions we make in government, business and non-profit organizations to our own lives and … Continue reading

Booksellers and Values-Driven Business

In today’s issue of Shelf-Awareness, Hachette’s CEO Michael Pietsch was quoted as offering thanks to booksellers for their support during their difficulties with Amazon. While some may say that indie booksellers had good reason to support Hachette since Amazon has … Continue reading

What’s the Book that Changed Your Life?

It’s a wonderful topic! And, you’ll see magazines pose the question to authors and celebrities, but it’s also a perfect question for bookstores to ask their customers … and to use on shelf-talkers around the store. Once you get on … Continue reading

Bookstores as Centers for Lifelong Learning

It’s a big, broad universe with the richness of cultures, ideas, opinions, and discoveries. In a bookstore, that’s the energy you feel by coming in, looking around, browsing and finding books to take home, and attending a presentation. It’s a … Continue reading

Common Core Challenges to Bookstores

Common Core … what could be detrimental about reading class and contemporary literature? Efforts are well under way to undermine the effort to improve education, teach the ability to learn and apply critical thinking skills, and have exposure to worlds … Continue reading

“Biblio Diversity” Championed by Europeans

I marvel at American booksellers for their tenacity and I envy European booksellers for the support they get from their countries. From big box stores to Amazon, they’ve stuck to their principles even when predatory pricing presents tremendous hurdles to … Continue reading