When You Buy a Bookstore

How can you not be overjoyed to hear that a bookstore you’ve loved is available … and you could become the next owner?! For many, owning a bookstore is a dream come true. You’ve spent your life so far doing … Continue reading

Bookstore Birth Announcements

Imagine celebrating a lifelong dream of opening a bookstore. This week, I’d like to share stories of two smart, remarkable women who took the fork in the career road to pursue something that “just would not let go” … owning … Continue reading

Kids and the Future of Bookselling

Saturday marked the inaugural Storytime Day and independent booksellers across the country partnered with children’s book authors and illustrators to host events in bookstores across the country. The stories and photos were precious … children engaged their imaginations as adults … Continue reading

New Energy in Retail Bookselling

Yesterday was the last day of our five-day workshop retreat dedicated to Owning a Bookstore. This morning, I woke up thinking about all of the smart, creative, inquisitive people who have had the idea of owning a bookstore that “just … Continue reading

Celebrating the Best in Bookselling

For the last twenty-two years, there are two days in the year that are my absolute favorite: the day all of the nominations for Publishers Weekly’s Bookstore and Rep of the Awards are in and the day I get to … Continue reading

Where Have All the Bookstores Gone?

It’s not that everyone has chosen to read e-books. In fact, when communities poll people for what they want, bookstores rank #1 or #2 for the most desirable businesses. Today’s issue of The New York Times tells the story of … Continue reading