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New Book Group Partnership NYT/PBS, Identifying Niche Markets, Print Marketing is Not Dead, ABACUS Report highlights (Winter 2018)


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3 Questions for Every Customer, Apparel Display, Last Check on Frontlist Orders (Autumn 2016) Meaningful Staff Meetings and free online training presentation (Summer 2016) Life-Changing Magic for the Bookstore, Words of Gratitude, SlaTex (Spring 2016) Pinterest on Bookstore Design & Display, Physical Inventory (Winter 2016)


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Momentum for Independent Bookstores (Winter 2014) Leveraging Local (Spring 2014) Publishing Local (Summer 2014) Leveraging Local (Autumn 2014)


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Opportunities for a Changing World (Autumn 2011) Accentuate Competitive Advantages (Summer 2011) Why People Love Bookstores (Spring 2011)


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Keeping Indie Bookstores Relevant (Winter 2009) Change=Possibility (Autumn 2009) Making Customers Feel Welcome (Summer 2009) Possibilities for Independent Bookstores (Spring 2009)