Training Guide to FrontLine Bookselling

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How will you help your staff learn to be better booksellers and provide exceptional service to colleagues and customers? This 12-chapter publication, The Training Guide to FrontLine Bookselling is a one-of-a-kind resource developed to help you train new staff members. The foundation for training new bookstore employees is already there, you can simply add items to the binder, or customize the text to include details that are specific to your bookstore. Your purchase includes a binder of the printed materials plus a Microsoft Word document for you to edit and edit over time. From new employee orientation to how to conduct book searches, merchandising to working at the point-of-sale, this Guide will help staff step into their new role in the bookstore. You benefit from having a consistent training program — with the same information provided to all who are part of your team. You can easily involve veteran booksellers in the training process. A section just for trainers guides them through the training process for each topic.

Chapters include:

  • Orientation
    - Where your employee can learn about the mission of an independent bookstore and all of the different jobs and tasks that happen behind the scenes.
  • Book Industry
    - They’ll learn about the bookstore’s role in context of the entire book industry.
  • Bookselling
    - We’ll clarify the expectations of being a bookseller and working as part of the team. They’ll learn all of the special terms (our jargon), learn about how the store handles ordering and special requests and the kinds of events the store sponsors.
  • Customer Service
    - The central benefit of shopping with an independent bookstore is explored in depth, including describing the value of exceptional service in a self-serve culture, “dos & don’ts” when working with customers, phone etiquette, effectively handling complains, and the little things that make a difference in turning customers into fans of your bookstore.
  • Handling Requests
    - They’ll learn how to research a customer’s request and give them some exercises too.
  • Handselling
    - Indie bookstores want more than clerks. We value and encourage booksellers to read, be prepared to engage customers in conversation, and recommend merchandise that matches the customer’s needs and interests.
  • Inventory
    - Go behind the scenes to learn about how the store buys merchandise, receives shipments, checks on-hand quantities, pulls books for vendor returns, and the importance of accuracy to the store’s data integrity when it comes to ringing up purchases.
  • Merchandising
    - Let’s teach them that merchandising is much more than “shelving”. They’ll learn the prime selling spaces in the store and ways to introduce items for customers to discover. The Paz video Bookstore Merchandising Made Easy brings these strategies to life with examples of section merchandising, focal point displays, shelf-talkers, windows and more.
  • Point of Sale
    - They’ll learn the POS side of your computerized system so they become comfortable with ringing up sales. Exercises help them gain confidence with various payment forms, discounts, gift cards/certificates, customer returns, and adding people to customer loyalty programs.
The Guide is designed so you can customize the content as it relates to your store’s fixture layout, selection, and computer system. You’ll get the print publication in a 3-ring binder, as well as a digital version in Microsoft Word that will allow you to personalize any of the information included. Buy Now $189 plus shipping & handling for binder and Word file