An independent bookstore is not just any small business, but the center of literary and cultural life for your community. And we are not consultants for any kind of business, we are devoted bookstore consultants.

Since 1992, bookstore owners have looked to the Paz & Associates team for their experience with book retailing …  from start-up to spruce-up, from below-average financial performance to sustainability, and from helping people buy existing bookstores to helping booksellers prepare their business for sale. Our goal is to help your independent bookstore remain alive, vibrant, and a beloved institution in your community. Your return on investment is about loving your work and creating a sustainable retail bookstore – making a living while enjoying your life’s work.

Bookstore Consulting

Contract for our bookstore services on an hourly basis for questions about best practices, brainstorming ideas, trouble-shooting problems with your store’s operations, planning and business development, to review your business plan, or simply to be a part of your team to help identify opportunities and improve business.

Bookstore Design

If you’re starting up, moving to a new location, or just want to refresh and update your bookstore, we’re here to help. Store layout, design, lighting, and merchandising will help you create a remarkable bookstore destination. Come tour our bookstore design gallery!

Bookstore Opening Inventories

When you’re new, you want your initial selection of books to reflect your community’s interests and be up-to-date since books are released every week. Picking thousands and thousands of titles is demanding and time-consuming, and requires a broad knowledge of new and previously published works. Come learn about some resources to make this a less daunting task.

Bookstore Merchandising & Store Set-up

Nothing is more disappointing than a customer who comes into the bookstore and leaves without making a purchase. Professional visual merchandising is what inspires customers to explore and discover items in your wonderful bookstore. Come tour some effective bookstore displays and learn how to use display strategies in your bookstore.

Bookstore Marketing

If you’re serious about running your bookstore as a business, you know that your task is to create loyalty with your current customers while using strategies to help you reach out to find new customers. Come learn about outreach tools that are easy and affordable, and how publishers can help.

Selling Your Bookstore / Buying A Bookstore

How much is a bookstore worth? What’s involved in buying or selling a bookstore? Let us share some insights on bookstore business valuations, succession planning, and successful owner transitions.