Bookstore Consulting

Ideas, feedback, and guidance for bookstore owners

Planning-300x246Whether you want someone to review your business plan, help you through the opening process or your first year, or allow you to see how to improve your bookstore’s operations now that you’ve been open a while, we’re here to offer insights and guidance. If there’s an idea you’re considering, something keeping you up at night, or a question about the bookstore business you have and don’t know where to find the answer, call us! With broad experience working with stores of all specialties and sizes, we’ll tap our knowledge, network, and resources to support you. Whatever you might have heard in the past about working with high-priced consultants does NOT apply to us! Not only are we affordable (our hourly rate is $95 – less than a plumber!), we’re devoted to the sustainability of independent bookstores and have gathered decades of stories and insights about what’s working and how bookstores are succeeding in today’s world. Often, we can simply address a question or topic by phone or email, although we’re available to come on-site to your bookstore as well. Many bookstore owners have us on retainer (with a deposit of $285 to open an account) so they can call, email questions, or schedule a phone meeting. Know that we would be delighted to support you in your bookstore venture. Just contact us via the website or give us a call at (904) 277-2664 and let us know what’s on your mind.