Bookstore Merchandising

What a great independent bookstore!

medium-table-cooking-color-study-2-300x240First impressions count, so you’ll want your bookstore to look its best. We’re happy to join you on-site to help create the magic. Often we can provide merchandising feedback and guidance off-site by reviewing your store’s layout and photos. Whether you’re opening a bookstore or have purchased an existing bookstore, we can help you achieve the kind of store experience customers have come to expect. While the personality of independent bookstores varies greatly, there are basic strategies for professional merchandising that apply to every retail store. Common problems (e.g. “Missed opportunities!”) we correct in bookstores:
  • Vendor spinner racks take up prime space with the cheapest (often least interesting) merchandise
  • The front of the bookstore and other prime sales areas are not maximized for impulse sales
  • Non-book merchandise lacks presentation and appeal
  • Merchandise is not displayed with price points in mind
  • Focal point areas are not pre-planned
  • Negative signs work at cross-purposes for store ambiance
  • Service areas are a mess from the customer side of the counter, lack focus and a message of gratitude
  • Impulse items are piled on and around the cash wrap with little organization or priority
  • Prime spaces in sections aren’t utilized
  • Signs aren’t used to their fullest as handselling tools
  • Endcaps lack focus
  • Maintenance items (like burned out bulbs and dirty paint areas) simply aren’t seen when you’re there every day
  • Community posters and messages lack organization or a central display and crowd display windows
With fresh eyes, we can point out some simple changes to uplift your store, give it better energy, use proven merchandising strategies to help you improve sales and inventory turns, and make it a happier place to work and shop. We’ll train your staff so they’ll have the skills to maintain a great-looking store long after we’re gone so your store is vibrant, appealing, and interesting every day. Let us know what’s on your mind. Your first consultation is free. Send us an email or give us a call at (904) 277-2664.